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Welcome to Elu Aesthetics

At Elu Aesthetics, we combine scientifically proven medical therapies with care & compassion, providing a comfortable and welcoming experience where clients can expect a customized, personal approach to addressing their aesthetic concerns. Using the most up-to-date technologies and by offering a range of services, Elu can enhance your beauty, wellness, and help you feel your best.

Pamper Yourself


A treatment to relax the muscles of the face and neck to diminish and prevent wrinkles.



Mobile Botox $15/unit


Soft gel-like injectables that help to diminish facial lines and restore volume to the face.


Mobile Juvederm Filler $750

Fat & Cellulite

QWO and Kybella treatments to smooth out the appearance of skin.

QWO: $800 / Kybella: $600

Mobile QWO Injections $900 Mobile Kybella Injections $700

Vitamin Shots

A treatment to support the body with natural detoxification processes.


Mobile Vitamin B12 with Lipo $55 Mobile Vitamin B12 $55

Weight Loss

Education and prescription based weight loss management.

Initial consult: $125

Monthly fee $125

IV Therapy Infusions

A treatment method to improve hydration, immunity, skin, and energy.


$200/1000cc bag

Mobile IV Infusions: $275


Lyndsay Harris

Lyndsay Harris is a Registered Nurse and Surgical Services professional with over 20 years of experience managing surgery centers, operating rooms, recovery rooms, and demonstrating success in leading healthcare teams to deliver desired patient outcomes.


Lyndsay is now looking to apply her experience and passion for helping others by providing aesthetic medical services on a personalized basis.

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